Development Funds

Conference and Professional

Criteria for Eligibility

UEA of Shelby County is dedicated to making sure the members of our organization have opportunities to attend quality conferences and professional development that support the mission and goals of the association.

In order to support members with career and association- relevant professional development, career and association networking, and organizing opportunities we have outlined a criteria for eligibility. The Executive Board will review applicants and award funding based on benefit to the broader UEA vision and availability of funds.

Members’ participation in conferences and professional development benefit the union by increasing the visibility of the association and attracting quality members and student members.

Criteria for Receiving Professional Development or Conference Funds

Members applying or submitting a request to attend a conference/professional development should be a UEA active association member for at least 3 months prior to the conference except where the conference is for new teachers.

Upon returning from the conference/professional development, the member must be willing to present materials to the board and do one of the following:

  • Sign a letter of commitment to deliver a training session(s) or conduct a workshop(s) open to all members regarding the information presented at the conference and how the organization can benefit.
  • Sign a letter of commitment to organize a teleconference(s) or webinar(s) open to all members regarding the information from the conference and how it benefits the organization.

***Approval of funding is subject to availability***

Applications submitted 45 days prior to requested dates will receive first consideration.

Apply below or download an application.