K-5 ELA Teacher Curriculum Survey Results

When the teachers come together as one UEA voice, amazing things can happen.

The SCS School Board was due to vote in the new $11 million dollar K-5 EL curriculum last night (February 27) and many teachers have voiced concerns about it.

In response, our directors issued an anonymous survey the weekend before asking K-5 teachers this question, “What will be required in order for you to see EL as an effective curriculum in your classroom?

Overnight, we received hundreds of responses indicating that the School Board should discuss the matter further before voting to write the check.

We compiled your responses and put them into the Board Members hands prior to the vote. The result was a tabling of the motion and a call for another meeting to discuss.

As EL discussions move forward, stay with us to offer real solutions driven by the teachers themselves. When we speak in one UEA voice, we become loud!

View, download, print our survey results, and weigh in with further thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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