TEA Legislative Achievements

1945  First Teacher Retirement law enacted

1947  Sick Leave law enacted

1951  Teacher Tenure law enacted

1957  Social Security authorized for teachers

1965  First state-supported pilot kindergarten program approved

1971  Personal/Professional Leave Days mandated

1973  Comprehensive Vocational Education Program launched

1978  Professional Negotiations Act passed

1979  K-3 Class Size maximum reduced to 25 students

1981  Sick Leave Bank authorized

1985  State Health Insurance Plan for teachers enforced

1985  Duty-free Lunch mandated

1986  Sixty minutes per week planning time for K-8 teachers mandated

1990  Tuition reduction for children of public school teachers

1992  Class size reduced due to the Education Improvement Act

1992  Kindergarten mandated

1996  Teachers protected from performing medical procedures

1997  Retirement benefits improved with compounded COLA

1998  Health Insurance benefit gained for retired teachers

1999  Privacy protected for educators’ Social Security, drivers’ license and bank information

2001 Special Education class size reduced

2002 “Working Conditions” clarified under PN law

2003 One member of Tennessee State Board of Education required to be a K-12 teacher

2005 $25 million in lottery funds earmarked for pre-kindergarten expansion

2006 $250 million NEW dollars appropriated for Pre-K and K-12 programs

2008 60, 80, 90 Campaign stresses impact of adequate salaries, insurance and retirement on teacher quality

2010 TEA strengthens Tenure Law by requiring professional hearing officers

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